Our First Publication

Rock and Pop on Television. ISBN: 978-0-9571053-0-0 is published as an ePub on 26th December, 2011. It’s priced at £ 6.99.

Taking the format of a daily almanac, the book lists nearly 29,000 television shows which featured Rock and Pop performances. Groundbreaking programmes like Oh Boy!, American Bandstand, Top Of The Pops, Beat Club, Old Grey Whistle Test and many more from 1954 to date are all included. Late night chat shows, children’s and variety shows, along with game shows and panel games are here too.

For anyone born since World War II, it’s a feast of nostalgia with memories of when the whole family would gather round the television for an evening of entertainment.

Classic moments are listed: Elvis in tuxedo, singing “Hound Dog” to a Bassett Hound; Frank Zappa playing a concerto an a bicycle; The Beatles first appearance on U.S. TV; The Sex Pistols first live performance and many, many more.

Despite the almanac format, the book is searchable by presenter, artist/group, show, venue and song title. This makes it the ideal reference for anyone interested in TV Rock and a dream guide to what exists on YouTube and other video services.

Anyone buying the book gets members-only access to a blog/forum allowing corrections, additions, comments and annecdotes to be posted along with links to tracks and programme clips that anyone finds on the web.

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The iBooks bookshelf and the book’s cover

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